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Sitting Pretty (Comfy) with my Sand Cloud: *Giveaway* *CLOSED*

Have you ever wanted to lay down at the beach or the park but couldn’t find a comfortable spot to rest your head? I for one have had my fair share of times creating a pillow using random articles of clothing that I brought with me or an extra towel if I happened to remember to pack one. However, when I heard about Sand Cloud, a company that sells 100% Turkish cotton towels (made in Turkey) that include a pillow, I was immediately hooked.

IMG_6367 No longer would I have to remember that extra towel or scramble to use extra clothing items to create a makeshift pillow. And the included pillow is removable, which means your towel can quickly turn into a sarong.


It’s also fun to wave in the wind. As you can see from the following photos, I had my friend Celine take pictures of me at the beach, and of course it was extremely windy out. But the wind resulted in some awesome beachy photos so there’s no reason to complain right?




Whether you take your sand cloud to the beach as I did, or to the park, (or lake, or pool, or even school for that matter) your sand cloud will come in handy. Why not show up with one of the coolest and comfiest towels around? I’m sure all your friends will be begging to use your sand cloud-especially after a tiring day of surfing and swimming, that pillow will never feel better.



And traveling with your sand cloud? Well that’s as simple as rolling it up in a nice “burrito” or if you aren’t bringing the pillow with you, just folding it up like a regular towel. But remember, this is no “regular” towel. Because how many towels are handmade with Turkish cotton AND include a pillow AND are sarong-ready?



What’s also awesome about the Sand Cloud company is that the brand was just started this year by three recently graduated college students in California. Talk about young entrepreneurship! Which makes me want to add- follow your dreams…start that business, find a job better-suited to your skills, take that new class at school…you never know what could happen!



With the holiday season upon us and the scramble to find gifts for family and friends in full swing, consider giving a sand cloud. You can’t go wrong with comfort and good quality. Plus the shipping is quite fast too…just make sure to order soon so that your favorite color isn’t sold out.


I’m so excited to announce that the great staff at Sand Cloud want to gift one of my blog followers with a free Sand Cloud! With so many colors to choose from…the decision may be hard. I know it took me quite awhile to choose a color, but whatever color you choose, you are sure to love it. Read the rules below to enter the competition!IMG_6241


To enter the competition (you):

  1. Must be located in the United States (product will only be shipped in the US)
  2. Must be following my blog.
    • Enter your email on the sidebar of the post (near the top of the post)
    • If you have a WordPress account, click “Follow The Bohemian Mermaid” (under the area to enter your email)
    • If you are already following my blog, comment “Already following”
  3. After you have subscribed/followed my blog, comment below with a place that you would love to bring a sand cloud to.

Good luck to everyone! Contest closes at midnight Friday, December 12, 2014 and the winner will be drawn and announced by Sunday evening, December 14, 2014.


18 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty (Comfy) with my Sand Cloud: *Giveaway* *CLOSED*”

  1. Most likely I would like to take a sand cloud to a park overlooking a river so I could have a picnic and to read a good book under a tree with a nice cup of coffee.

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  2. Love these pictures, makes me want to come home! I love the coral color, it reminds me of the colorful culture of Key West and the Florida Keys which is where I will be using my Sand Cloud Towel tanning or reading a book:)!

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  3. I would use my sand cloud on our “beach” at my school! While it is called the beach, it is actually just a big grassy area in one of our main quads that everyone lounges, studies and hangs out in. A sand cloud would be perfect to lie on during the fall and spring seasons while everyone is around to admire it. (:

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  4. Love this post! I would take it with me to the beach, on big plains of grass where I walk my dogs, and even in my back yard to tan or read a book and enjoy the sun!

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