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Look at Her: Nikki Fraser on Happiness, Starting a Swimwear Company and Florida beaches

In this new feature on The Bohemian Mermaid, I’ll be interviewing local and international business owners and travelers. This week’s feature is of swimwear designer and founder Nikki Fraser from Happydaze Swimwear.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Nikki Fraser. I am 20 years old and from Deerfield Beach, Florida! I work at a local surf shop and I am the founder of Happydaze Swimwear. A little about me… I love the beach! In my spare time I try to go as often as possible, anything to get a little sunshine and ocean breeze.

2. What is Happydaze and why did you start your brand?

Happydaze is a swimwear brand that I started two years ago in 2018. I started Happydaze simply because I love bikinis! Throughout highschool I always knew that I wanted to start my own business. It is something that has always excited me but I never knew where or how to start. After graduating, all of my friends went off to college but college was never something that interested me. Instead I decided to go for it and started Happydaze! I chose the name “Happydaze” because it truly describes what the brand is about. Happiness! I aspire to use Happydaze as not just a brand but a platform to promote self love, positivity, and to spread happiness. 🙂

Photo by @melhale__

3. Tell us what the process of starting your business was like.

To be completely honest, NOT EASY!  Starting Happydaze was definitely an emotional rollercoaster and full of a lot of “what ifs.” What if it doesn’t work? What is everybody going to think? And, what if nobody likes what I make? The idea of starting my own brand and putting myself out there was something out of my comfort zone. Some of these “what ifs” are still things I struggle with, but after building up the confidence to get over a lot of these self doubts and stepping out of my comfort zone things got a lot easier. Finding a solid manufacturer was also a major obstacle in the beginning. It took a lot of trial and error to find a trustworthy manufacturer that fit my budget but still lived up to the quality, morals, and sustainability that I stand behind. The number one thing that starting a business has taught me is that mistakes are okay! They are opportunities to learn and grow as a brand and as a person.

4. What’s up next for Happydaze? (Future lines/products etc.)

I am so excited to announce our new SUMMER SUNSET Collection dropping some time this July.  This collection is something I have been working on for a long time and cannot wait to share! It is made up of sky blues, cotton candy pinks, and golden tones… the perfect color palette to paint a beautiful sunset. Some new cuts and styles will also be a part of it so stay tuned!  🙂

5. Where can The Bohemian Mermaid readers find Happydaze?

You can find Happydaze at and on Instagram @happydazeswimwear. South Florida gals can also find Happydaze Swimwear at Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach!

Every person featured on The Bohemian Mermaid will also share some of their best travel insight and favorite places to go to! Prepare for wanderlust!

Favorite place you’ve been to (US or abroad):

San Clemente, California! Last year I took a trip to the west coast for the first time and fell in love. It was definitely the best vacation I’ve ever been on. I loved the old beach town vibes and cute little surf shops on every corner. It reminded me of Florida with a twist, minus the hot humid weather haha.

Favorite travel spots in Florida:

Florida has been my home for my entire life and I could not be more thankful to grow up in a state with so much to see and do. My favorite place to be in Florida is anywhere with a beach! South Florida can get so crazy busy, so I love taking trips upcoast when I get the chance to enjoy the beach in a more peaceful atmosphere. Cocoa Beach is my favorite upcoast spot and also a place I called home for a couple of years.

What’s in your suitcase?

My vacations usually include palm trees and sunshine so I always have to have my bikinis with me – Happydaze of course! Some other must haves are tanning lotion, some cute accessories and some easy outfits to throw on. 

What place is next on your travel wish list?

Bali is definitely number one on my travel wish list, and also where Happydaze Swimwear is made! I would love to go there and visit. I’ve also been dying to switch things up a little and go on a winter vacation. Somewhere I can see snow, maybe Colorado! 

For 25% off your Happydaze Swimwear purchase, use code “BOHOMERMAID” at checkout.

One of the photos on my homepage features Happydaze Swimwear in Pompano Beach, Florida taken by Nikki. 😉 All photos by me unless otherwise noted.

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