Welcome to The Bohemian Mermaid blog!

I’m Michaela Garretson, a traveler and writer based in sunny South Florida!  Discover more of my story below…

My travel journey started in California, though I moved around the country as a child, ending up in Pennsylvania, Washington state, and now Florida (almost the four corners of the United States). Since then, I’ve been across the United States, Uganda, India, Central America, South America and Europe…and I’m constantly looking for the next adventure.

I created The Bohemian Mermaid as a way to share travel advice and hopefully inspire others to get out and see the world around them, even if that means exploring their own neighborhood. My goal for The Bohemian Mermaid is to not only be a blog of personal experiences, but to go further and be a useful guide for travelers everywhere. There’s more to traveling than hopping on a plane and staying at a resort. There are new places to see, new cultures to learn about, and friendly insightful locals to meet!

 I’m excited that you have stumbled upon my blog, and I hope that by reading these posts and getting a glimpse into my travel passions, thoughts, struggles and fears, that you will begin to think about exploring and be encouraged to live and appreciate the amazing life you have been given!

Happy adventures!

~Michaela Garretson~

Soaking in that scenery in Leh, India

Behind the name ‘The Bohemian Mermaid’

The title of this blog came about randomly as I debated what to call the travel website I wanted to start. My love for constantly being near the ocean, enjoying its beauty and swimming for hours (and always complaining when I have to leave), inspired part of the name for this blog. A tendency towards a free-spirited, go with the flow attitude helped with the ‘bohemian’ part, which Dictionary.com defines as “a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.” I’ve found that free spirited sense in travel, hopping from town to town, with little time constraints and a whole lot of desire to soak in the beauty of life.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about travel.

Business: In need of a writer and/or photographer for your business or publication? I do freelance writing for magazines, newspapers and company blogs. Some of my articles can be found on the ‘My Work’ page. For further questions pertaining my writing, or potential business inquiries, please email me at: thebohemianmermaidblog@gmail.com or submit a form through the contact page.