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Exciting News! My First Published Magazine Article

Disfunkshion Magazine

Ahhh! I am so absolutely delighted to finally share that I have an article featured in the latest issue of Disfunkshion Magazine. This is my first article that has ever been published in a magazine, let alone a major magazine (I had articles published as a staff member and Opinion Editor for my high school newspaper but nothing much outside of school). Since I want to have a career in journalism someday, this is an accomplishment I am so grateful for.

If you would like to read the article, you can find the magazine at Barnes and Noble and other select stores. But you may want to hurry, this magazine is only published three times a year so sometimes it’s really hard to find (I went around to three different Barnes and Noble stores a few months ago and they were all sold out). However, if you are into fashion, art, surf, music, travel, and thought-provoking articles, then this is a magazine you will definitely want to view! And I am totally not trying to be biased here- Disfunkshion Magazine is my favorite magazine and I just found out about them last August and this issue is the first time I ever saw what the magazine looked like. I love the inspiring articles and important information that they publish- articles that make you feel powerful and encouraged!

Thank you guys for being patient with me- I haven’t had much time to post recently because of various travels, classes beginning, and my birthday the other week. I’m also writing a monthly piece for Disfunkshion Magazine’s website and I am a contributing blogger for the swimwear company, indieSWIM. But be prepared for some more articles coming your way in the coming weeks! I’m looking at some travel posts, some body care posts, more food posts (yum), and lots more that I hope will inspire you to live a fulfilled and positive life! 🙂 And don’t forget, you can always comment on a post or email me through the contact page to let me know about future posts that you would like to see! Xoxo Michaela

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