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Google Flights New Price Guarantee Promotion

Looking to take a trip this fall? Now may be the time to research those flights. Google Flights is offering a price guarantee on flights purchased for a limited time.

As part of Google’s effort to show that their algorithms are showing the least expensive flights, the company is allowing customers to receive the difference from a purchased flight ticket if their flight price drops before the flight takes off. The minimum price difference must be $5, and the maximum is $500 refunded.

I’ve found inexpensive flights through Google Flights before, and I always research flights on their website before a trip. It’s a great way to gauge typical prices for flights to your intended destination at different times of the year.

Hurry though, this promotion only lasts until September 2, and travel must be completed by November 29!

More information can be found on Google’s support page.

*This is not a sponsored post, just thought this was interesting travel news to share (especially for all of you budget travelers out there!)

What are your tips for finding inexpensive flights? Share in the comments below!

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