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How to Survive in a Material Society: No Materials Needed

Last month I decided to partake in my own challenge where I did not allow myself to purchase any clothes or shoes or basically anything during the month of September. This didn’t seem like much a challenge to me because I don’t buy clothes every month, especially since I’m learning to save more money for traveling or other activities instead of “things.” However, in middle school, I had a horrible habit of shopping. I had recently started earning money from babysitting or house cleaning jobs and so my parents told me that since I was making my own money I could purchase items that I “wanted” (and not necessarily needed). This resulted in me spending way more money than I needed to on things I really didn’t need or realize I didn’t actually want. Maybe it was the “thrill” of buying something new for myself that inspired me. Whatever it was, the habit was not healthy. Continue reading “How to Survive in a Material Society: No Materials Needed”

Wild Thoughts

Leaping…and falling…and jumping out of your comfort zone

First time ever zip-lining last summer. Exhilarating to say the least!

If I walk into a classroom, you will notice that I immediately go to the desks on the farthest left side and sit in the middle of that left side row. This is where I feel most comfortable-possibly because I’m left-handed, but more likely because I don’t like to be the center of attention in the classroom, and I feel like the teacher will somehow not see me and avoid calling on me (side note: I still get called on). This is not to say that I don’t enjoy learning or being engaged in the classroom discussions. But I fear being called on unexpectedly and sounding dumb because whenever that happens, I replay the whole situation over and over in my head, long after everyone has already forgotten it occurred.
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