Wild Thoughts

~Favorite Quotes~

I’ve found that scrolling through Twitter and Instagram can not only be a source of entertainment, but can also be a great opportunity to find meaningful quotes. Being quite interested in photography, I’m always analyzing and critiquing photos on Instagram. I’m also that person who reads the whole photo caption, so I can (a). understand why someone posted that picture or (b). stumble upon a new quote. So here are a few of the quotes I have found recently. Enjoy:

(I want to give credit to whoever wrote these, but often the quotes are in a picture or the person who posted the photo doesn’t give credit. So for now these posts will be anonymous. Let me know if you know the author to any of these!)

  • Far from home & born to roam”   @billabongwomens Instagram


  • “I had too much to dream last night”


  • “And in that moment, Life was perfect.  Not the kind of perfect where nothing is wrong. But the kind of perfect where the wrongs don’t matter.”


  • “Allow this day to take your breath away…Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, plan for your future, get lost in your present, travel even if it’s in your mind, love the people around you unconditionally even when it’s difficult, surrender to the possibilities, be a catalyst for change when it’s not the popular thing to do…Make your life count for more than just yourself!” (Quote taken from an Instagram post by @disfunkshionmag)


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