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Best Coffee Shops in Fort Lauderdale

Coffee shops today are stepping it up. Not only are they selling some fantastic coffee, but they’re also crafting a stellar ambiance in every detail of their store: from the chairs (or couches!) filling the floor space to the artwork on the walls and the even greater artwork of the entire building’s design (hello new Instagram pic!). It’s a good time to be a coffee lover. And the following cafes, found in Fort Lauderdale, FL prove they’ve got what it takes to satisfy all of your tastes.

I’m actually not a big coffee drinker/fan, but I’ve tasted drinks at all of the following locations and have been more than impressed. Which is saying a lot. Each of these coffee shops is unique in its own way, which makes for a more than memorable experience.

The Alchemist

Featuring fun outdoor and indoor seating, this shop is tucked away on a side street sheltered from the noise of the roads. Try their signature iced coffee (pictured below) which is a blend of 24-hour cold brewed coffee with brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and coffee ice cubes. They also serve slicers (bread with various toppings), tea, and hot chocolate (the kind where you actually get to mix pieces of chocolate into the milk). Another fun fact: the coffee is served in a mason jar which is beyond adorable.


Photo credit to my friend, Ashton Anderson // @ashtonpaige_a

Sip Java Co.

Love love love the mocha frap here. And their teas are tasty too…their chai iced tea always hits the spot. In terms of food, they have various pastries, of which a personal fave is the blueberry scone. Nice place to sit outside and enjoy the Florida air (in the morning, when humidity is hopefully low) or catch up on emails.

Brew Urban Cafe

Located next to C&I Studios in a warehouse like district, Brew has a super awesome interior complete with a bookcase wall. Get a hot coffee and relax by the bar or read a book on the couches.

Warsaw Coffee Company

Great spot to get a coffee or Dirty Thai Ice Tea (yep, you read that right. Not chai, but Thai ice tea. It’s made with homemade Thai tea, espresso, and a dash of cream ) and a banana muffin. They also have giant cookies too. And events once in awhile. Finding this place may be somewhat confusing as it’s hidden from the main roads in Fort Lauderdale (like Federal Hwy (US 1), Broward Blvd. and Sunrise Blvd., etc.) but look for the white building. They also have a drive thru if you are feeling like taking your coffee to go – like to the beach!


Photo credit to my friend, Ashton Anderson // @ashtonpaige_a

Have you been to any of these coffee shops? Do you have any other suggestions for awesome coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Best Coffee Shops in Fort Lauderdale”

  1. Writing about Coffee shops in south Florida has definitely been on my to do list and you nailed my favorite places in fort laudy. There’s also this place called Ella cafe that I love and another place called the grind coffee project that has been closed for renovations!! Also, Tuesday nights at urban brew they show a free movie on a projector screen with free wine and popcorn.

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    1. What’s awesome about coffee shops is that there always seem to be new and intriguing ones popping up! Thanks for sharing- I hadn’t heard about Ella Cafe yet! I’m definitely putting that on my list of places to try as well as the grind coffee project when it’s open again! 🙂 Isn’t urban brew awesome? Love their fun events! Let me know when you write your post on coffee shops in South Florida- I would love to read it! 🙂


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