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8 Pictures to Inspire You To Visit Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, near Mosca, Colorado and features America’s tallest sand dunes. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Colorado Springs. If you feel like you’re going the wrong way, keep going,  you’re most likely going the right way.

I visited the park during May, which was still cold (weather was in the 40s-50s), rainy, and windy. Despite the poor weather conditions, the park was absolutely beautiful. So peaceful – the rushing stream, present in these pictures, is caused by snow runoff. On a better day, you can hike on trails, or even climb up the dunes and sandboard down them (like snowboarding but on sand). I was soooo stoked to sandboard since I’ve never done it before, but the winds were 50 mph, so it was not the best conditions. But since the seasons change pretty drastically in Colorado, anytime of year that you go to the park is sure to be a new and exciting experience!

You can’t choose the weather, but you can make the best of the day, even if it’s not what you were expecting, like a massive rainstorm!


When you’re taller than America’s tallest sand dunes…



Have you been to Great Sand Dunes National Park before? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!


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