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13 Things To Do In Lucerne, Switzerland

Hey y’all, your girl Ashton here taking over for a little while. While our travel bug Michaela is in India, I’m going to be posting every week about my travels living in Europe for the past 6 months. I’m going to give you 13 things to do in 13 cities. First stop…

Lucerne, Switzerland

We flew in to Zurich, Switzerland but my favorite city had to be Lucerne. (1) You have to take a boat taxi on Lake Lucerne to see the mountains and the homes surrounding it. It makes a few stops, but you can take it right back to where you got on.16806825_1422315491112602_4233789392655957227_n

(2) Have some chocolate. I am not a big fan of chocolate so I was not fazed by the plethora of chocolate shops that were selling to die for chocolate (so I was told), but I did have some hot chocolate that was well worth the tummy ache.

(3) Kapellbrücke is a wooden bridge that allows you to cross the lake. Take a moment to look up and notice a little timeline of history written across the top beams.

(4) Rigi is a mountain close by known for amazing hiking trails and skiing.

(5) The Lion Monument, one of the top tourist suggestions, was not a waste of time. Yes it may just be a lion engraved in a wall, but it is so grand in person, pictures just do not do it justice.

(6) Try and find a restaurant along the river one night for dinner. Randomly there are some really good Italian places around. Don’t judge, you crave what you crave.

(7) And while you’re at dinner, try a beer, Switzerland is “split” by German and French influence. In Lucerne, you are in the German side. ‘Nough said.

(8)  Old Town is full of buildings with painted and wooden covered facades. Take a stroll through its street to get a sense of the architecture.

(9) Jesuit Church that can be seen on the lake is nothing like you would expect from the outside. I had no idea it was even a church.

(10) Museggmauer is a tower you can visit that has some of the old fortified walls throughout some of the city.

(11) Meggenhorn Castle we saw from the lake, but I wish we could have gone inside. This castle sitting on a hill offers guided tours.

(12) Hammetschwand Elevator is the highest outdoor elevator. So basically don’t plan to enjoy this if you hate heights or elevators. It is a little outside the center of the city, but it offers amazing views and some fresh air.

(13) Jungfraujoch is one of the highest railway stations in the world. It is a day trip from Lucerne but gives you a clear view of the Alps, which I highly recommend driving, flying, or training through!

Let me know any questions/ comments you can think of or if you’ve been there, done that. Shameless plug: check out my Instagram here to see other photos from my travels.

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