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Perfect Fall Oatmeal

Since the temperature is still at a steady 85 degrees, I thought I would try to bring some “fall atmosphere” into my kitchen this morning. With that in mind, I whipped up a quick bowl of some good old-fashioned oatmeal with fresh apples and spices. And though I may be uncomfortably hot when I try to wear a long sleeve flannel outside, this recipe hits the right spot in terms of feeling like it’s actually fall (even though there are just a few more days until it is officially fall).

Perfect Fall Oatmeal:


  • Oatmeal (I used quick oats)
  • Apples (cut up into bite size pieces)
  • Spices- cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice- whatever you prefer!


  • Cook oats according to package
  • Once the oats are nearly finished cooking, add the spices and apples. I eyed how much spice I wanted in my oatmeal, so the amount of spice is up to you (1/2 a teaspoon could be a good start)
  • Add any extra toppings you want! I didn’t have any raw nuts at home, but I would have added pumpkin seeds, almonds, or cashews if I had some. Brown sugar will add some more sweetness to the oats also.

Note: My oats were thick, so if you prefer thinner oats, I would either add more water when cooking the oats, or add almond milk to the oatmeal right before serving.

Fall Oatmeal

Fall Oatmeal


What are you most excited about for the upcoming fall season?

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