Wild Thoughts

Learning from the Changing of the Seasons

It's officially fall!
Falling for this new season we are entering.

As much as I love the heat of the summer, fall has now arrived, and I am extremely delighted for the next few months. No longer will that mean walking outside into searing humidity and heat. The days will be cool and crisp and the signs of the upcoming holidays will soon show.  Images of being clad in plaid, sitting at bonfires, and hosting marathon movie nights pop into my head.

Okay, so maybe I got just a little bit ahead of myself. Florida doesn’t celebrate the seasons like most other places so I can’t expect to walk outside and need to wear an over-sized sweater and jeans everyday. Sitting around the bonfire with friends may become uncomfortable after only a little while. Fallen leaves will instead consist of fallen palm fronds. Corn mazes will be non-existent.

However, even though I may not be able to experience the autumn season as much as other people, I can still appreciate the significance of the season and all that it contains. From the holidays with family and friends, to appreciating all that we have been given, and to celebrating how good change is every now and then. We may miss the warmth of the long summer days, but the cool mornings ahead will refresh us with feeling- just like how we felt in the summer.  Change is good, and change is necessary. We may long for the fun memories of the past, but we must know that change will cause us to grow and experience more of life. Sometimes we may try to run as far away from change as possible and in that case, we may need a push, like the inevitability of the seasons changing. We don’t have control over the changing of the seasons and as a result, we accept this change and move forward with our lives.

Maybe there is something in your life that you are considering changing or maybe you don’t even know what you want to change, just that change is needed. This may be the perfect time to make that change as the new season freshly begins.

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