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Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness

Alas, there was no snow on Thanksgiving Day in Florida this year. However, the weather did drop to a chilling 60 degrees – which is cold enough to bring out the boots and long sleeves. The cool weather created a perfect day where the sun was shining without a cloud in sight and the breeze was enough to keep you cool while the sun warmed your body. It was truly a day to be thankful for. 

During the day I made a mental checklist of what I was thankful for, and afterwords when I got some time to myself, I wrote down my list into my journal (which, note to self, I definitely need to write in more)! I encourage you to make a “what-I’m-thankful-for” list if you haven’t already…there’s never a time to not be thankful.

Below I captured some photos of the things I was thankful for that occurred on Thanksgiving day. Of course, my family and friends, my health, clean water, a home, and many, many more items could be featured in this post, but then this post would be never-ending!









2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness”

  1. And I’m thankful for YOU sis! Your meal look splendid…haha, ombre onion! mmm…sautéed cashews, pomegranates, rosemary turkey. a meal of beauty! can’t wait to cook Christmas with you!


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