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It’s December 1st!

Today marks the last first day of the last month of the year! Crazy how fast 2017 seemed to fly by. But it’s certainly not over yet…we still have multiple holidays, festivities, and (for all the college students reading this) final exams to experience (though my preference is to quickly get through the latter)! Continue reading “It’s December 1st!”

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Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness

Alas, there was no snow on Thanksgiving Day in Florida this year. However, the weather did drop to a chilling 60 degrees – which is cold enough to bring out the boots and long sleeves. The cool weather created a perfect day where the sun was shining without a cloud in sight and the breeze was enough to keep you cool while the sun warmed your body. It was truly a day to be thankful for.  Continue reading “Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness”

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Tips For Combating Stress

As school exams and the holidays quickly approach, stress becomes more prevalent. Trying to balance social time with visiting friends and family while trying to studying for final exams can be overwhelming, to say the least. Everyone experiences stress in varying levels but how we react to stress differs. We can let stress consume our thoughts, emotions,and actions, or we can take control of the stress. Below are a few tips I use when I notice how stressed I have been. These tips may or may not work exactly like how they did for me, but they can be worth a shot if you find yourself overloaded with stress. Continue reading “Tips For Combating Stress”