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Colorful Livin’ in Key West Florida: Part Two

Thought I forgot about my Key West Florida: Part Two post? Well, I didn’t…but it did take me way longer than expected to move this post from draft to published (excuse me while I cringe at how long it took me to post this)! So, here it goes: I hope you all got a glimpse of the beauty and excitement of Key West in my Colorful Livin’ in Key West Florida: Part One. There is so much information that I could pack into these posts about Key West…but I don’t want to spoil all the excitement for you!

IMG_7264Key West has amazing designs and art featured throughout the island. Taking time to not only soak in the sunshine but soak in the architecture and designs around you is a must! Each building appears to be unique in its own way- whether that’s the color schemes, layouts, or the fun items sold inside.

IMG_7263 IMG_7262 IMG_7261IMG_7249IMG_7248 IMG_7257

The Naples Soap Company was definitely one of my favorite stores my friend Jessica and I visited. This beach-themed store sells soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, and other products that are made with organic and natural ingredients. The employees were very friendly and knowledgable about their products. I have yet to try a bath bomb, so I’m really considering purchasing one from their website. I didn’t happen to buy one when I was in their store, but I was able to see and smell the variety of scents they had. They actually have so many scents that it was hard for me to choose just what scent I liked best. If you are looking to pamper yourself or buy some natural products for your friends, make sure you stop at Naples Soap Company.IMG_7256 IMG_7255 IMG_7254 IMG_7253 IMG_7250


Thinking of planning a trip to Key West someday? How about you turn that thought into action! Anytime of year is nice, just expect to have some rainy weather if you go during the summer (gotta love those summer Florida storms). Either way, going to this tropical island paradise will be well worth the adventure.

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