Healthy Living

“Why I Live A Zero Waste Life”

I just watched (like literally just finished watching) a TED Talk about a girl named Lauren who has significantly reduced the amount of trash that she “produces” every day. It’s pretty awesome and I thought I would share it. Though some say she’s “extreme,” I think she has some great tips – especially in terms of DIY body products like toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, lotion. These products can create a lot of plastic trash waste but they also contain loads of chemicals and other bad-for-you ingredients. Seriously, how many ingredients are there in your body lotion, shampoo, etc.? Do you even know what 75%, 50%, or even 10% of those ingredients are, how they are made, or what harm they could cause you? It’s so, so, so beneficial to regularly research what products you are consuming or putting on your body. Plus, switching to more natural products is better for your body, and at times can even reduce your trash impact!

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