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How to Travel and Exercise

You’ve done it before…more than once. You eye an ice cream shop while you’re walking the streets of a new town. You do some advance research and find numerous articles on the “10 best bakeries/donut shops/macaroon shops in ____.” These places all sound soooooo delicious. And why not try them all since you know you won’t have anything like them back home?? With this mindset (which I definitely share), how do you manage eating at all the fun cafes and restaurants while still trying to incorporate fitness into your travel routine? Not all hotels or hostels have gyms, so when you find yourself in a fitness-slump, here’s what to do…

So you want to keep up your active lifestyle but you’re going to be traveling for the next few days/weeks? Pack the following for an easy way to get some daily exercise.

For your suitcase:

Running shoes

Best thing about running is that all you need are some shoes…or no shoes. On a beach vacay? Test your abilities running on the sand. Camping? Take a morning run down the trails around your campsite. City living? Run around different areas of town to see what the city life is like! *Make sure to research what areas to avoid, or ask some locals for their advice! And if possible, let friends/family know where you are heading if you are traveling solo. Even if they are thousands of miles away, a simple text or email is so important!

Jump Rope

Perfect for a quick burst of cardio that can even be done in hotel rooms! It’s super easy  and lightweight to pack. Try to jump rope for a certain amount of time, or make a goal to jump 200x etc.

If you have access to internet:


A trainer that knows how to kick your butt and smile while doing it? I’m kind of convinced that Cassey feels no pain. She’s fantastic at keeping workouts effective and entertaining.

Tone It Up

Two trainers who teach workouts that will surely leave you sore the next day. Cardio, yoga, strength training, HIIT…there’s something for everyday and every mood.

Yoga By Candace

One of my favorite online yoga teachers, Candace has yoga videos for every thing imaginable – yoga for digestion, strength and flexibility, back, core, power yoga…etc.! Didn’t bring a mat with you? Grab a towel from your hotel or use a mat in their gym (if they have one).

Adventure travel

My favorite!! Multitask by taking your traveling outdoors. It’s a great way to get a feel for the culture and vibe of a new place in different ways. Go for a hike, run around the city, learn how to surf, swim in the ocean/rivers/lakes or hotel pool, take a yoga or pilates class, play soccer with the locals…honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Hiking Mount Sanitas Trail in Boulder, Colorado.

Find time to treat your body right with exercise that challenges you yet makes you happy. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been able to workout for the past few days…just jump (literally) back into it when you are ready!

How do you stay fit while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

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