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Hello From India!

Hey everyone! Namaste from New Delhi! I’ve currently been backpacking through India over the past three weeks with my dear friend and crazy-fun-travel-buddy Daysi Wilkinson (follow more of her incredible journeys at So far, we’ve had some incredible, and even painful, experiences…

In just three weeks, we’ve explored spice markets and crowded streets in New Delhi, the yoga town of Rishikesh, the cool mountains of Manali, and the desert region of Leh. In those same three weeks, I’ve gained a greater understanding of this country, its people, and how beautiful this world is. And we’ve only explored the northern region!

Both Daysi and I have gotten sick already. But we’ve learned (and are still learning), just how strong we can be during these times. I got sick right before a two-day bus trip to Leh – the combination of bumpy mountain roads and long traffic congestions on the one-lane roads was not a pleasant time – but at least the views were spectacular!

Without a set plan, we’re choosing where to visit based on recommendations, and trying to avoid monsoon-heavy areas (Goa, we’ll have to see you and your beaches another time).

The wifi isn’t the greatest in India, but I’ll be updating you all and hopefully providing some useful information for your future travels to India as frequently as I can.

Have a great summer! 🙂


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