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13 Things To Do In Barcelona, Spain

This week I’m taking you to España. Vamos a…

Barcelona, Spain

(1) We stayed near the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. It is the old city’s center. I walked around these streets for hours before my friends joined me and I loved every minute just exploring without a map or schedule to do. I think it is important to always leave a little time to just discover during your travels. Don’t plan every minute.

(2) Go to the Soho House Barcelona for some drinks or to eat at one of the restaurants, it is a member only hotel, but you can eat at most of the hotels around the world without needing a membership and it’s always a good time.

(3)La Sagrada Família is a beautiful church that has some amazing architecture you have to see with your own eyes.


(4) If you can rent a scooter and ride down La Rambla I highly recommend, but if not, walking down the famous street will do the trick as well.

(5) You can also take the scooter up to Park Güell. I went to the park twice I loved it so much. I wish I could have joined the runners in the park, but working out and vacation don’t always mix. Oh and definitely do pay for the extra part in the park, it’s more than just a picture spot. You can walk downstairs and see some more of the parks architecture that is unlike anything I saw anywhere else.


(6) If you’re ready for some breakfast head to Brunch and Cake; it’s a very basic and busy spot, but very good.

(7) I didn’t have time for a lot so I told myself I would go to the Modern Art Museum or Picasso Museum; I happened upon Picasso first. It was amazing, if you’re not a Picasso fan though, maybe not the best place for you.

(8) Make sure you see Casa Batlló, it is a house fit for a mermaid. You’ll know what I’m saying when you see it. Any spot you can find with Güell architecture is worth your time; there are a few others around the city including a palace.

(9) Flamenco bars are scattered throughout the city. It’s easy to find this authentic dance performance and usually it’s a pretty cheap show. B.Y.O.C. Bring your own castanets.

(10) I was not always up for clubbing when we were traveling so much and busy all day, but a night out that ends up with me on the beach I can deal with. Opium is one of these clubs with a beach backyard and others are next door.

(11) Have some paella and sangria. Ask anyone, I think I was most excited for some authentic seafood paella. It was literally all I talked about before going and I was not disappointed.

(12) Head over to the beachfront bars of the Port Olympic…

(13) and walk in the area of Barcelona’s aquarium. There are some good places for tapas, a Spanish specialty.

I love Spain and wanted to travel everywhere and see it all but there just wasn’t enough time. Thank goodness for that, because then I would not have discovered the lovely country of Portugal.

by Ashton Anderson, Guest Contributor 


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