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Two Places You Can’t Miss Seeing In Laguna Beach, California

As a native Californian, I’m always thrilled anytime I get to return to The Golden State. On my most recent trip, a road trip with my friend Ashton (who recently wrote several guest posts about travel in Europe and Morocco on The Bohemian Mermaid), we stopped in Laguna Beach for a few days. Let’s just say the beaches in Laguna are absolutely stunning (though the water’s just a taddd colder than the Atlantic Ocean by Florida). I fell in love with the beaches here, so I had to share two places by the Pacific Ocean that you need to see…

1. Thousand Steps Beach

The local couple we stayed with recommended we visit Thousand Steps Beach. The entrance is narrow and somewhat hidden just off the Coast Hwy. After walking down literally a thousand steps (or so it seems – the beach’s name is really fitting though), you’ll reach the shore and be surrounded by gorgeous views of the ocean and cliffside houses. (I’m always so intrigued when I see cliffs, mountains, or even just hills because the state of Florida is so flat.) If you take a walk around, you’ll find some sea caves as well, just check the tides!


2. Shaws Cove

This place has to be one of my FAVORITE places ever. Seriously. It’s absolutely magical. If anyone ever needs to film a movie with mermaids, this is the spot. I’d imagine they would hang out on the rocks here and gaze at the sea creatures in the many tidal pools.


Have you been to any of these places in Laguna Beach before? Let me know in the comments below!

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