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Travel Companies Adapting to Solo Travelers

Solo traveling is thrilling yet challenging, freeing yet stress-inducing. Basically it’s a blend of extreme emotions that (in my experiences) always has some positive aspect – whether it’s the opportunities that open up, the personal skills you gain or the insights you learn about yourself.

I’ve written about the perks of traveling with friends  and I’ll be sharing the perks of traveling solo soon. But I wanted to share an article from The New York Times explaining how travel companies are adapting to the solo traveler market.

As a solo traveler signing up for activities, you’ve probably been questioned as to how many people are in your party. Then you’ve probably received some incredulous looks as you repeatedly say you’re the only one signing up. This happened a few times while I was in Costa Rica. Yes, I really am the only one signing up for horseback riding. No, I’m sure there is no one else with me. (So glad they still let me go horseback riding that day as a solo member because it was the most amazing ride I’ve ever done – along beautiful coffee fields and hills near Monteverde.)

While solo traveling in Costa Rica, I signed up for zip-lining in Nosara, where I volunteered for a month. Though I came to the zip-line by myself, I ended up meeting some incredible people and had an unforgettable adventure. Who says solo travel is really solo?

Having done solo traveling in the past, I think it’s great, and quite helpful, that companies are creating tours or services geared towards solo travelers. Though you’re not having to look out for friends or family, you’re still having to constantly look out for yourself, so it’s nice to have someone else take the reins occasionally.

While solo traveling, have you experienced any challenges with booking tours, rooms, or cruises when many bookings are designed for two or more people? What do you think of companies adapting to solo travelers?


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