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Why You Should Travel With Friends

When it comes to traveling, there are pretty much only two options – traveling solo, or traveling with friends. Though there are definitely great benefits to both, some people naturally fit better in one of the two categories. I recently saw the amazing opportunities that solo traveling brings when I was in Costa Rica for the month of January (I’ll be detailing more of what it’s like to solo travel in a following post!), but I’ll always be up for a group trip with friends. Keep reading to find out why YOU should go traveling with your friends…

1. Safety – Buddy system for the win!

When you’re traveling in an unknown city or country, there’s a lot you need to look out for, like remembering there’s a time change when you cross continents and you can’t arrive 5 hours late to your train, or having someone to nudge you when you’re about to drink the dirty tap water in a third world country. 

2. Support

Getting sick is more enjoyable with friends! Okay, maybe not more enjoyable, but definitely more bareable. When you’re thousands of miles away from your parents, your friends will be there to hold your hand while you’re crying/throwing up/stuck in the bathroom. Sorry for the depressing scenario, but it happens. 

3. Unforgettable Fun 
Life is meant to be shared with others! You’ll remember all the memories you made with friends, and they’ll help you remember things you forgot years down the road. Nothing like that girls trip to NYC, or that road trip you took across Colorado, singing your lungs out to your favorite bands. 


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