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13 Things To Do In Rome, Italy

If you love Italian food like I do then definitely add this next city to your list! I fell in love with the people, place and culture immediately. Ciao…

Rome, Italy

Try to buy tickets ahead of time for the tourist places; it’ll save you some time and money. Maybe you can buy your tickets while watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie… just a suggestion.


(1) The Vatican and Sistine Chapel is a place you should definitely buy your ticket early. Though filled to the brim with tourists, it was still an amazing look into Roman and Italian art and history.

(2) Piazza Novona is a lively square where there is plenty to do. You can find a bench and listen to the competing street musicians or people watch at any of the fountains.

(3) Speaking of fountains… Trevi Fountain, go and take a coin. I don’t think that fountain could ever get old for me, went about three times and it still wasn’t enough.


(4) Try and take a walking night tour or do your own. The city gives off such different vibes at night. All the monuments and fountains are lit up with a glow about them.

(5) The Pantheon always has some performance happening outside at night and is another fun square to roam around.

(6) I didn’t get to go to St. Peters church but, it was on my list and still is. Heard it is a must see.

(7) Colosseum, another ticket you should get ahead of time, especially if you want the tour to be in your language. And the tour is worth it because it takes you to a whole other level… literally you get to go one level higher and one level lower than with a normal ticket.

(8) We bought that and our Roman Forum ruins ticket together. This was a highlight of the trip for sure. I went right at opening the day of my train and there was no one there. It was beautiful; I could almost see the ancient Romans walking around the ruins…almost.

(9) My favorite place was probably the Spanish Steps. An amazing spot to people watch and just take some time out of your day to chill for a second. I thought gelato on the steps would be perfect… wrong. You can’t eat, drink, or even lay on the steps without getting busted. Good thing I got to finish my gelato before they spotted me. But seriously have a seat and relax or bring a book and get a bit of reading done.

(10) If you’re a woman who likes to shop then you probably know the brand Brandy Melville. Go to one in Rome or probably anywhere in Italy. Their clothes are made in Italy and in their stores here they have an amazing selection that you can’t find anywhere else.

(11) The Vittorio Emanuele monument was another favorite. You can see all of Rome, or at least that’s what it feels like. You can sip cocktails on the terrace bar (seasonal) or take a lift up to the roof. I can’t remember how much it costs but pretty much everywhere is a good view from this white marble monument.


(12) There’s not too much to do on a Sunday so check out the Porta Portese Sunday flea market to find some cheap bargain deals. It is a little overwhelming though, even a veteran shopper like me wasn’t able to last for more than 20 minutes.

(13) Saved the best for last… gelato! Flor and Venchi are chains that are really good. BUT, if you go anywhere in Rome make SURE you go to Giovanni Fassi! I think it is like 120 years old and one of the first gelato shops. They have some weird hours so make sure you look it up ahead of time. But no joke, this is the best gelato ever… EVER!!!

by Ashton Anderson, Guest Contributer and Travel Expert 

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