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The Road to Leh, India

Reaching elevations of 13,000 and 17,480 feet, the two-day bus ride from Manali to Leh (Ladakh), India is not for the faint of heart. Not knowing much about Leh (or where it was exactly), I joined my friends on a standard yet seemingly ill-equipped-for-mountainous-terrain public bus while battling one of the worst mysterious travel illnesses I have ever had (more on that another day – the memory is still to painful). Though the Himalayan mountain views were some of the most stunning views I’ve ever witnessed,  I was pretty certain we would slide off the road at some point…But we didn’t. 🙂 The roads contain no railings and the bus drivers somehow make one lane roads into two lane roads by driving on the edge of the mountain when another truck needs to pass by. My general rule is to only get scared when locals get scared, and let me tell you, they were scared. But look at the views!! 🚌😍

The following photos depict landscapes closest to the desert city of Leh (Ladakh). The climate and views were different on the first part of the journey. I will share those, as well as more information on the adrenaline-filled bus ride soon!

Version 2IMG_1364IMG_9719Version 2IMG_1582IMG_1590IMG_9718IMG_9722IMG_9720

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