Michaela Garretson
Wild Thoughts

Photo Diary: Beauty in the Wild

This past summer was a  time of many “firsts” for myself and my family. I made it to Africa (where I have wanted to go since I was in 5th grade…I’ll talk more about this trip soon!) and my older sister Asha got married. We spent a few weeks in Upstate New York and the views were beyond gorgeous. I’m always captivated by the abundance of wild flowers by houses, fields, and even along the highway when I travel around the country (especially up in the  northern states).  There is something so “freeing” at looking at these flowers that grow where ever the wind blows them- without restraint and without concern.  My all-time favorite flowers would be the daisy and sunflower. Though more simplistic in design than other flowers (such as hydrangeas, passion vines, dahlias, etc.), I think they really embody the “free spirit” life. Continue reading “Photo Diary: Beauty in the Wild”