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Living With Gratitude- Day after Day

I recently read an article in the summer issue of Disfunkshion Magazine that talked about gratitude- why we need it along with some tips for living with gratitude. This article really resonated me and immediately I began writing in my journal – which was one of the tips –” keep a gratitude journal and end each day by taking note of three to five encounters you were appreciative for, that way you are able to go back and reconnect with those thankful feelings later on in life.” Continue reading “Living With Gratitude- Day after Day”

Michaela Garretson
Wild Thoughts

Photo Diary: Beauty in the Wild

This past summer was a  time of many “firsts” for myself and my family. I made it to Africa (where I have wanted to go since I was in 5th grade…I’ll talk more about this trip soon!) and my older sister Asha got married. We spent a few weeks in Upstate New York and the views were beyond gorgeous. I’m always captivated by the abundance of wild flowers by houses, fields, and even along the highway when I travel around the country (especially up in the  northern states).  There is something so “freeing” at looking at these flowers that grow where ever the wind blows them- without restraint and without concern.  My all-time favorite flowers would be the daisy and sunflower. Though more simplistic in design than other flowers (such as hydrangeas, passion vines, dahlias, etc.), I think they really embody the “free spirit” life. Continue reading “Photo Diary: Beauty in the Wild”