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Student on a Budget: Quick Two-Ingredient Cookies

When you can’t afford to bake foods that require multiple ingredients and when you want a more nutritious and satisfying snack, try some of these cookies that only require two ingredients! yes- just two! Bananas and oats…what a great combo with endless possibilities. This recipe makes about four cookies, so if you want more to have during the week as a post-workout food or just a snack to bring to class, than I would recommend doubling the ingredients.


The first time I made these, I also made the healthy ice cream to place in between two of the cookies. However, the next time I tried these I didn’t want to wait for the bananas to freeze, so I just made the cookies. This recipe comes form Cassey Ho’s Blogilates website. I’ve recently started doing her Beginner’s calendar after taking a few months off to rest a rib injury and I’m really enjoying it. Pilates has always been so relaxing to me, so I recommend trying it if you want to experience a fun workout that stretches (no pun intended) your abilities!


*This post is the beginning of a series of posts I’m calling “Student on a Budget.” I’m going to be searching for helpful information for students to save money and experience more with what resources they have, even if those resources are limited. If you have any comments/suggestions for possible blog posts concerning the previously mentioned information, please leave a comment below. Thanks! 🙂





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