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Starting Spring at Florida’s Alexander Springs

The other week I ventured up to central Florida to visit some friends and go swimming at one of the natural springs in the area. I’d never been to the springs before, so I was super excited and not all sure of what to expect. I thought the water would be cold (I was right) and clearer than the ocean (which definitely helped the GoPro pics come out better).

So here it is, some pics of our adventure to Alexander springs in Altoona, Florida. The breathtaking beauty and shocking blue tones of the water are sure to satisfy. And outside of the water, there are some fun trails (boardwalk AND dirt – complete with the occasional fallen tree) to venture through, and even some bear-proof trashcans (if you can figure out how to open them). Bring a picnic and enjoy a day swimming in the chilly water, canoeing, and walking through the trails. The spring is not too shallow and not too deep which makes for fun snorkeling or diving.

Happy Spring! Yay for pleasant weather, more daylight, and anticipation for new adventures!


Just being a style innovator with my awesome towel skirt!




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