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What to do with one day in Newburyport, Massachusetts

A tiny port town filled with rich history, brick buildings, and beautiful views, Newburyport, Massachusetts is a breath of fresh air (literally) after leaving the busyness of Boston.

Approximately 43 miles outside of the city of Boston, Newburyport features popular businesses like Starbucks and Francesca’s, alongside local favorites such as the Jabberwocky book store inside The Tannery Marketplace and the Black Cow restaurant.

On a chilly April day, my dad and I sat on a bench in the Market Square with a cup of hot chocolate, people watching and conversing. We visited the Old South Presbyterian Church where George Whitefield preached and was buried (you could say my dad is a bit of a George Whitefield fan – he even named one of his cats, Whitefield, after him).

Old South Presbyterian Church

IMG_0010    IMG_0016IMG_0018

The friendliness of the locals truly stood out – they were more than happy to give us directions around town as well as suggestions for delicious eateries. We ended up having lunch at the Black Cow. Only open for part of the year, this place was packed – and rightly so. The food was phenomenal. Try ordering the grilled salmon with yukon potatoes like my dad had. I enjoyed the Squash and Pasta dish – penne pasta with butternut squash and hazelnuts. At first I wasn’t sure how the combination would taste, but my suspicions quickly wafted away when I took my first bite.

  • Take a walk along the port’s boardwalk
  • Window-shop around Market Square
  • Check out The Tannery Marketplace, an indoor shopping center a short walk from the Market Square
  • IMG_0023IMG_0025IMG_0033IMG_0046IMG_0039IMG_0035

After exploring Newburyport, drive out to Newbury and Plum Island to get a closer look at the Atlantic ocean. You’ll see some salt marshes and wetlands. On a chilly April evening you may just have the beach to yourself! Take in the homes on stilts (did anyone else notice all the homes that had sea stars in the windows? Reminds me of the large metal star featured on many homes).


Being in Florida for so long, I completely forgot that other states close down some of their ‘attractions’ during the winter. So we couldn’t go on a whale watching boat tour, but gotta leave stuff for next time!


Have you been to Newburyport? Where are some of your favorite towns in Massachusetts?


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