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Where to Eat in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge has the best of both worlds: less noise and overwhelming sense of confusion than its larger neighbor cities, such as Boston (which is 3 miles away, easily accessible by train) may have. There’s an old, colonial feel with the beautiful red brick buildings and cobblestoned sidewalks. Not to mention the presence of Harvard, which draws hundreds of young people (and their families who come to tour in large groups) throughout the year.

I’ve been to Cambridge several times, and each time there’s some place new to be discovered, a new coffee/tea/ice cream/dessert/meal to try, and old favorites to return to. Here are some places you need to try in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Continue reading “Where to Eat in Cambridge, MA”

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What to do with one day in Newburyport, Massachusetts

A tiny port town filled with rich history, brick buildings, and beautiful views, Newburyport, Massachusetts is a breath of fresh air (literally) after leaving the busyness of Boston. Continue reading “What to do with one day in Newburyport, Massachusetts”