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13 Things To Do in Positano, Italy

Headed back to Italy for more bread, pasta, gelato, pizza and wine. This city on the coast takes a few twists and turns to get to, but is so so worth the journey. The absolute perfect vacation destination…

Positano, Italy

(1) ​If you can stay anywhere in Positano, stay at Hostel Brikette. This was unlike any hostel I had stayed at during my travels. You meet amazing people and get the full experience of the city due to a helpful staff who gives advice on what to do and see. Oh, and the homemade brekky is to die for.


(2) The hostel organizes groups to go to Aricana which is a club inside a cave overlooking the water. I’m sure you can make it there yourself, but it’s much easier to have it all organized for you since it is a few towns over.

(3) There is an amazing pizza/ pasta place close to the hostel, even if you stay somewhere else you need to eat here! Ristorante C’era una volta is across the street and gets really busy so make a reservation. I will be dreaming about their arugula pizza.

(4) Positano has two beaches connected by a path. If you are trying to just relax and avoid some of the crowds the smaller beach is more secluded and easy going. Everyone else will be at the famous larger beach pictured below. Unless you wake up to see it at some ridiculous time in the morning like we did… hence the reason nobody is on the beach yet.


(5) For those who love being active the walk up and down the stairs to the beach everyday may be enough for you but if it’s not, find the Path of the Gods. It is a 3 hour hike one way so most people drive or bus to the path head and then hike down the trail. It doesn’t require any special level of hiking skill but it is tricky to find, make sure you ask around.

(6) The church of Santa Maria is a lovely piece of history to check out when you want a break from the sun.

(7) And while you’re walking around town make sure you have a little money to spend. Everything in Italy is handmade so pick up some items for your wardrobe that will last you a lifetime.

(8) Be sure to stop at one of the many fruit stands. The fresh Strawberries and Pineapple were the best I had in all of Europe!

(9) Another way to cool off is gelato, but once you find a stand get some lemon sorbet instead… served in a lemon! The Amalfi Coast is known for the lemons they grow.

(10) Aperol spritz it up! This drink’s main alcohol is Prosecco and is served with an orange slice. Oh so refreshing.

(11) We ordered ours at Gabrisa restaurant along with a spaghetti meal. And let me tell you, I don’t think I will ever have better spaghetti in my life!

(12) Spend a day on a boat. You may go to a grotto, find a cliff jumping spot, or head to the island of Capri for the day.


(13) If anything, I would say definitely visit another town along the coast by boat, bus, or car. We bussed to Amalfi and then took the boat taxi back to Positano. It is an amazing coastline that offers so much for the eye to see!

by Ashton Anderson, Guest Contributor 

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