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Travel News: Where The U.S Dollar Is Strong Right Now

Travel News, a section of my website where I share various news related to the travel industry. Today’s post deals with moneyyyy….everyone’s favorite topic right? Many people think travel is unattainable and expensive. It’s true that travel will cost money, and some places are more expensive than others (cough, London). I spent almost the same amount of money in London over 12 days than I did over two months in India (not including flights). The key is to look at how far your dollar will go with international exchange rates, to find flights during the week or in the off season, and in general, to be flexible with bookings and activities. You can read my post on how I flew home from NYC for $40 to see how I’ve maximized my college budget in the past.

Read this article to learn more about the 10 Places Where the US Dollar Is Really Strong Right Now. The first country mentioned is one I can’t wait to visit someday! 🙂 IMG_4054

Where have you found the US dollar to be really strong? Let me know your travel budget tips in the comments below!

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