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What to Do When You Can’t Travel

As nice as it sounds, traveling full-time is unlikely for most people. So what do you do when you can’t travel at the moment, but the travel bug is hitting you hard? Keep reading for some epic ways to keep yourself busy!

Learn a Foreign Language

If you know more than one language, I’m jealous! My goal is to become fluent in Spanish…I love to practice speaking when I’m abroad, but I’m trying to get used to speaking at home more (being near to Miami, there are so many opportunities to practice here). Since I’m heading to South America this month, I’ve been pulling out old Spanish textbooks and flashcards and practicing with friends. Recently I found out that a few of my local libraries offer Rosetta Stone and other online foreign language tutorials for people with a library card. And best of all, access to these programs is free! My recommendation is to check your local library, educational centers and government websites to see what your town offers. My library even has Spanish clubs designed to help beginners improve their speaking skills. You may be surprised at the free resources offered!

Barcelona, Spain

Create Travel Itineraries

I’m all for spontaneous let’s-figure-things-out-when-we-get-there travel, but when you’re not sure when you’re next trip will be, it can be fun to create a “dream” trip. Research all the spots you would want to see and the hotels or hostels you’d probably stay at. Search travel websites, blogs, Instagram tags and Pinterest photos. Bonus: when you realized you’ve saved enough money or have extra vacation days to use, you’ll already be ready for your trip – the planning’s done!

You can check out some of my travel pins on The Bohemian Mermaid Pinterest.

Play Travel Games

Ok, this may be the travel nerd in me, but I love playing travel geography games. Not only does knowing the location of specific countries challenge your brain, but it’s also a great way to get a visual understanding of the politics, history, and environmental conditions surrounding that area.  One of my favorite games is found on World Geography Games’ website.

London, England

Join Travel Groups

There are plenty of people obsessed with travel too, and they’ve created social media groups solely for other like-minded people! Share information about your travels, get advice from seasoned travelers, or just find a new group to talk to! Some travel groups I’ve seen are:

What are your top tips for things to do in between travels? Share in the comments below!

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