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Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness

Alas, there was no snow on Thanksgiving Day in Florida this year. However, the weather did drop to a chilling 60 degrees – which is cold enough to bring out the boots and long sleeves. The cool weather created a perfect day where the sun was shining without a cloud in sight and the breeze was enough to keep you cool while the sun warmed your body. It was truly a day to be thankful for.  Continue reading “Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness”

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Photo Diary: Beauty in the Wild

This past summer was a  time of many “firsts” for myself and my family. I made it to Africa (where I have wanted to go since I was in 5th grade…I’ll talk more about this trip soon!) and my older sister Asha got married. We spent a few weeks in Upstate New York and the views were beyond gorgeous. I’m always captivated by the abundance of wild flowers by houses, fields, and even along the highway when I travel around the country (especially up in the  northern states).  There is something so “freeing” at looking at these flowers that grow where ever the wind blows them- without restraint and without concern.  My all-time favorite flowers would be the daisy and sunflower. Though more simplistic in design than other flowers (such as hydrangeas, passion vines, dahlias, etc.), I think they really embody the “free spirit” life. Continue reading “Photo Diary: Beauty in the Wild”

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How to Survive in a Material Society: No Materials Needed

Last month I decided to partake in my own challenge where I did not allow myself to purchase any clothes or shoes or basically anything during the month of September. This didn’t seem like much a challenge to me because I don’t buy clothes every month, especially since I’m learning to save more money for traveling or other activities instead of “things.” However, in middle school, I had a horrible habit of shopping. I had recently started earning money from babysitting or house cleaning jobs and so my parents told me that since I was making my own money I could purchase items that I “wanted” (and not necessarily needed). This resulted in me spending way more money than I needed to on things I really didn’t need or realize I didn’t actually want. Maybe it was the “thrill” of buying something new for myself that inspired me. Whatever it was, the habit was not healthy. Continue reading “How to Survive in a Material Society: No Materials Needed”

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Dreams List

If there’s one thing I like doing, that would be dreaming. Almost every morning I can remember my dreams from the previous night. Now these dreams are usually just silly “stories” based off of events that I experienced in real life or have been thinking a lot about, but they are quite entertaining, especially when I share them with friends. But I’m not going to be focusing on those dreams right now. I want to discuss dreams made when we are wide awake (or even dozing in class or at work). Dreams that reach our inner core and fill our passions. Dreams that cause us to want to make a change in our life or a difference in someone else’s life.

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Staying Motivated When the Motivation Seems to Disappear

The sun is shining. For once it’s not raining outside like it has been for the last two weeks. I can see the bright blue sky because there are actually no clouds in sight. Is this real? I’m in shock at the beauty outside, but I’m even more shocked that I’m inside at the moment. I’m wasting great weather! How can anyone be inside on a day like this?

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Learning from the Changing of the Seasons

It's officially fall!
Falling for this new season we are entering.

As much as I love the heat of the summer, fall has now arrived, and I am extremely delighted for the next few months. No longer will that mean walking outside into searing humidity and heat. The days will be cool and crisp and the signs of the upcoming holidays will soon show.  Images of being clad in plaid, sitting at bonfires, and hosting marathon movie nights pop into my head.

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Leaping…and falling…and jumping out of your comfort zone

First time ever zip-lining last summer. Exhilarating to say the least!

If I walk into a classroom, you will notice that I immediately go to the desks on the farthest left side and sit in the middle of that left side row. This is where I feel most comfortable-possibly because I’m left-handed, but more likely because I don’t like to be the center of attention in the classroom, and I feel like the teacher will somehow not see me and avoid calling on me (side note: I still get called on). This is not to say that I don’t enjoy learning or being engaged in the classroom discussions. But I fear being called on unexpectedly and sounding dumb because whenever that happens, I replay the whole situation over and over in my head, long after everyone has already forgotten it occurred.
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~Favorite Quotes~

I’ve found that scrolling through Twitter and Instagram can not only be a source of entertainment, but can also be a great opportunity to find meaningful quotes. Being quite interested in photography, I’m always analyzing and critiquing photos on Instagram. I’m also that person who reads the whole photo caption, so I can (a). understand why someone posted that picture or (b). stumble upon a new quote. So here are a few of the quotes I have found recently. Enjoy:
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